Sound On Sight Radio #216: Inception

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It’s been roughly a year since we saw the first teaser trailers for UK director Christopher Nolan’s followup to The Dark Knight, the sci-fi/heist thriller that made its debut this past weekend. Now that it’s finally here, it’s been the source of some very hyperbolic debate: is it an elaborate con job or a Kubrickian masterpiece? We’ll let you know if the truth might just lie somewhere in between. We’ll also be talking about two British flicks currently screening at the Fantasia film festival: the (very) darkly comic indie Down Terrace and the symbolically loaded modern-day fairy tale Heartless.

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The Bicycles – Sweet Petite
Bat For Lashes – Pearl’s Dream
Holly Miranda – Sweet Dreams
Velvet Underground and Nico – Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams

  1. Madeleine says

    I am listening to this for the first time, after just having finally gotten around to seeing Inception. I think I may have a reaction equivalent to Ricky’s in intensity, but for somewhat different reasons than his. Inception is a dumb, inconsistent movie. It is not deep or thought provoking, it’s merely complex and confusing. It’s full of ideas that seem motivated by a desire to make the audience respond with a Keanu Reeves-esque “Whoa!”. Any emotional connection the film tries to make to the audience is entirely undone by its treatment of the supporting cast! Does anyone give a shit about Cillian Murphy? Is this going to cause irreparable damage to his mind and destroy his life? Has he even done anything wrong? His father’s company could be like, a huge charity for orphans. It probably isn’t, but there’s nothing to latch on to. The most concern the character is given is a quick question from Page’s character. How can I care about Leo’s kids if the movie tells you its characters are not important.

    And I loathed the editing style. It’s obviously done to reflect dream pacing, and support the was-it-all-a-dream ending (which is such a cop out), but it’s disgusting to look at. It’s the equivalent of looking at vomit chunks. Yes, there is a movie that has scenes that connect and character development in there, but so much of the sides have been burned away with dream-acid, it’s hard to see the whole. I would have preferred to get that continuity in the beginning, and lose some of the hour of exposition. I wasn’t as taken with everything that happens before they start their heist, as I don’t like being talked at and endlessly told rules by movies.

    But the worst part is I’ve watched it twice. It’s fun and fast paced and I love the cast. Kinda just like Ocean’s 11. Exactly, actually. But people keep wanting to discuss it on an intellectual level, where it has no place.

    Yay I finally got to be opinionated about this… 4 months too late to be relevant.

    Also, I’m a girl and I have an Xbox. I found that statement, made by a girl, about being female meaning one does not have an Xbox, to be the single most insulting thing I’ve ever heard said on this show.

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  3. Josh says

    It would have been nice for Ricky D to let other members express their opinions. Yes, you’re allowed your opinion (which is perfectly valid), but can other people get a word or two in next time?

    1. Ricky D Conceicao says


      Well I think that your comment is unfair.

      I am pretty sure that if you listen back to the episode and time how much each host spoke on the mic throughout the entire show, you will notice Simon comes on top. So I am assuming you are referring mostly to the Inception review. I think this is a classic case of my co hosts loving the film so much that they only talked about what they loved whereas I spoke about what I loved and disliked about the film. So wouldn’t it make sense that I ended up saying a lot more?

      also neither Chrystina nor Simon wanted to start discussing the film so I had to start the film review. I think the discussion was actually fairly entertaining and a debate was more interesting to listen to than three hosts agreeing that Nolan is a genius. Perhaps maybe you didn’t agree with my opinions but I go into the show to critique film and isn’t that the entire point of listening to us. Otherwise we would just be another Entertainment Tonight.

  4. bleuaméricaine says

    What I best like about Nolan are his action sequences, the abundance of which seemed to be a huge source of discontent for Ricky. His movies have always seemed cold and detached to me, which is also why I didn’t understand how Inception seemed to lack heart… Nolan tends to do his movies from a very clinical standpoint.

    I personally feel that Inception is a flawed movie in many ways, but I have to go more with Chrystina and Simon’s opinions on this one.

  5. Sound On Sight-Ricky

    Sound On Sight Radio #216: #Podcast review of #Inception

  6. Ricky D says

    I think we should do a second review next week. There is so much I still want to say but I want to watch it again first in better spirits.

    1. Simon says

      Oh, please no. We aren’t allowed to talk about this movie again for another six months.

  7. Simon says

    This was so stressful! Thank christ we don’t have another Nolan movie to review for two whole years.

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