Sound on Sight Radio #217: Tilda Swinton

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Is there a more versatile oddball working in front of the camera than Tilda Swinton? Though she’s probably still best known as the sweaty corporate stooge in Michael Clayton, the role that earned her an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, but she’s been getting steady work since the mid-80s, specializing in Euro arthouse, with occasional diversions into mainstream fare like Constantine and the Narnia series. This special will focus on three completely divergent roles that nevertheless all fall well within the “arthouse” bracket: Sally Potter’s 1992 Virginia Woolf adaptation Orlando, which has just been releleased in select US theaters; Erick Zonca’s Julia, in which she portrays an incorrigible alcoholic who mounts a madcap child kidnapping; and, currently in theaters here in Montreal, the lush Italian family drama I am Love, in which she plays a wealthy matriarch who embarks on an illicit affair.

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Cougar – Rhinelander
Patrick Wolf – Oblivion (ft. Tilda Swinton)
Elliott Smith – Pretty (Ugly Before)
Electrelane – The Valleys

  1. LaCharmoure says

    I love her in Orlando…that movie is one of my all time favorites! It is so sexy and she is so androgenic in it. The story flows well and is a sensual treat… a fairy tale for adults, perhaps? Thinking adults anyway.

  2. Ricky D Conceicao says

    This was a great show. I went to work today to rent Orlando cause your review caught my interest. Sadly it is missing. I wonder which Sound On Sight host stole it?

  3. bleuaméricaine says

    Thanks for playing PWolf on the show!

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