Sound On Sight Radio #225: The Vanishing / Wings Of Desires / Open Your Eyes

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Hey, remember back during the World Cup when we announced that really cool movie competition modeled after it? Well, it’s high time we got to the winners, which here represent the top three teams at this year’s championship. In Germany’s corner, Wim Wenders’ Wings of Desire, from 1987; representing the Netherlands, we have the 1988 thriller Spoorloos, better known as The Vanishing; and for the victorious Spain we have Alejandro Amenabar’s Abre Los Ojos, aka Open Your Eyes, which was famously remade by Cameron Crowe into Vanilla Sky.

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Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – From Her to Eternity
Deadly Snakes – Closed Casket
The Bluetones – Sleazy Bed Track

Abre los ojos (Open Your Eyes)

  1. Ricky D says

    I totally agree with your comments on the ending of the film. Once again it was hard for me to discuss how her dream connects to the events at the end of the film without spoiling it.

    We record live at an actual radio station so we can’t go over our time slot. So adding a spoiler discussion would be hard. We would have to do it from home and we don’t have the equipment to do so at the moment. To be honest it would make our lives so much easier to record the podcast from home but I sort of like the idea of actually being a radio show and not just another podcast.

    1. Jessica says

      I see. Well, you guys do a good job at avoiding spoilers while having meaningful discussions about films. And being a radio show does give a lot more cred than just being a podcast. There aren’t that many films you’ve reviewed so far that have made me wish for a spoiler-filled discussion, so I guess I’ll have to live with this minor frustration. ;)
      I’m just so happy other people feel the same way I do about this flick! None of my friends have seen it or even want to. Same with my dude. I showed it to 2 cousins last year and they both thought it was boring (one of them fell asleep!!!)! You have all shown me that I’m not crazy for being so moved and creeped out by this story. I thank you all for that and your good work!
      Ok, that’s enough gushing and ass-kissing.

  2. Ricky says

    Hey Jessica. The Vanishing is my favorite film of all time. It’s one of those films that I wanted to review for so long, but I couldn’t express most of my feelings for the film to avoid spoiling it for anyone who hasn’t seen it. So it wasn’t really a great review but I do intend on writing an article on the film in the next week or so which will deeply explore everything that I love about it.

    1. Jessica says

      Hi Ricky, thanks for replying!
      Have you all thought of adding spoiler sections to some of your reviews (maybe that would only be available for download)?

      I loved the discussion about how Rex might also be a sociopath. I’ve never thought of it that way. I can’t say I agree with it 100% but it’s certainly an interesting perspective. At first, I thought that Rex’s obsession might be fueled by guilt about his behaviour in the tunnel. But after seeing it more than 5 times, I don’t know if guilt factors that much into his search. I recently read the book so I may be remembering stuff that wasn’t in the movie but Rex says at some point that if knowing what happened to her would cause her death, he would want to know anyway. That supports the sociopathic interpretation, but it could only be an illustration of the consequences of obsession; how it overtakes everything else. And about the ending, without spoiling anything, I didn’t see it as him contradicting fate but as him fulfilling his fate. Saskia’s dream was kind of a prophecy.
      I’m looking forward to reading your in-depth review!

  3. Jessica says

    Spoiler alert for that picture of Spoorloos…
    By the way, it is easily one of my favorite films of all time. I also loved the book. The very idea of that story creeps me out to no end. It shows very simply how any of us is capable of the most horrific evil just for shits and giggles. Our conscience is the only thing keeping us in check. And that fate aspect of it gives it an additional level of bleakness. It’s awful to think of how helpless the concept of fate implies that we are.
    I can’t wait to listen to the episode!

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