Sound On Sight Radio #241: Director Danny Boyle Special #2

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With an eclectic array of films to his credit, director Danny Boyle emerged from his native England to become one of the most celebrated and revered filmmakers of independently-minded cinema. Ever since his emergence onto the world stage with Trainspotting in 1996, Boyle has managed to chart his own unique path without having to bow to studio pressures. Today on Sound On Sight, we’ll take a look back and discuss his not-too-futuristic sci-fi thriller Sunshine and look ahead and let you know what we think of his already critically acclaimed bio pic 127 Hours.

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John Murphy – The Surface Of The Sun

Underworld – Peggy Sussed

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  1. Dave Valentine says

    I’ve seen Sunshine a few times and found it to get better with repeated viewings, however the big turn that third act can not be ignored – In fact, it taints the entire film dragging it from the INCREDIBLE looking, wonderfully written, morally pondering first hour into stalk and slash in space final thirt minutes.

    SPOILER ALERT -> The actual moment where it goes downhill can be pinpointed at 1h08 minutes when they find the character of Trey is found slumped with a razor in his hand, wrists sliced open and blood everywhere, and someone says “He cut his wrists”. After an hour of intelligent science fiction, why did they feel the need to state something so obvious?! Like I say, this is the point the film goes downhill.

    Up until then, it had been tense, entertaining, interesting, remeniscint of 2001, Solaris etc. yet original enough to stand alone.

    Danny Boyle’s debut Shallow Grave is still my favourite film by him – Very much looking forward to 127 Hours too.

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