Sound On Sight Radio #250 Part 2: ‘Tron Legacy’ with Matt Singer

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It’s our 250th anniversary show and after four years of hard work we wanted to make it huge. In the second half of our special, Simon and Ricky D sit down and review Tron: Legacy with Matt Singer from the IFC podcast. Also Derek and Justine will join in and count down the second half of our list of the best films of 2010.

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Sound On Sight’s Best Films of 2010:

(The links provided below which will lead you to the podcast episode in which we reviewed each movie)

5- Rabbit Hole

4- Exit Through The Gift Shop

3- Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

2- Marwencol

1- Black Swan

  1. […] Sound On Sight podcast #250 was by far one of our best shows. IFC’s Matt Singer joined us for a review on Tron: Legacy and we couldn’t help but discuss how we all felt the film borrowed a little heavily from the Star Wars Universe. Well now YouTuber Kevleth has created a Star Wars/Tron:Legacy movie trailer mash-up. Watch the video embedded after the jump. […]

  2. […] Sound On Sight host Ricky D, revealed who he believed Banksy really is. You can hear his theory on Episode 250 of Sound On Sight Radio, but be warned it will completely change your view on Exit Through the Gift […]

  3. […] with the release of Crazy Heart, and another two shows at the end of 2010, featuring reviews of Tron: Legacy and True Grit. And just last week we reviewed yet another film starring the actor – the […]

  4. […] all real, than that makes it all the more fascinating.  Just look at the ensuing argument on the podcast between Ricky and Simon about the truthiness of Exit Through the Gift Shop.  The film is a […]

  5. Sound On Sight-Ricky

    Listen to part 2 of our 250th podcast with Matt Singer from IFC – review of #Tron Legacy @mattsinger
    Thanks MATT!

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