Sound On Sight Radio #251: Director Sofia Coppola

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For our first show from our new studio in a secret location in the heart of downtown Montreal, we’ve decided to tackle one of Amer-indie-dom’s most divisive director, Sofia Coppola, by talking about her new flick, the Stephen Dorff (?!) vehicle Somewhere, as well as her 1999 debut, The Virgin Suicides, based on Jeffrey Eugenides’s novel of the same name. We’ll also be looking back at 2010 and discussing geek culture, things we’re hoping to see no more of in the new year, and much more.

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Links for topics we discussed on the show:

Wake Up, Geek Culture. Time to Die By Patton Oswalt

Cinematical presents the hottest of 2010

Cinematical presents the lamest of 2010


Wolf People – One By One From Dorney Reach
The Strokes – I’ll Try Anything Once
10cc – I’m Not in Love
ELO – Strange Magic
Air – Playground Love

  1. Tim says

    Just listened to this episode last week and watched Somewhere soon after. Well put Simon that there’s only about 15 enjoyable minutes in the film put together. I probably enjoyed a bit more, but I felt that I could have watched the movie on fast forward and still understood Coppola’s message.

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  3. truantsee says

    “I’m not sure we needed two stripper sequences. The first one was great. The second one it just felt like we were repeating the same beat for no good reason.”

    This is a quote from Simon. Notice how it explains exactly why a director would choose to repeat such a sequence in a film about a person who is bored by the lifestyle he is living: to shift the viewer’s perspective from that of an outsider who enjoys it to the inside, someone who is bored by the lifestyle he is watching. Brilliant! If only you knew your own strengths!

    1. Simon Howell says

      Genius doesn’t come easy, friend.

  4. HGF says

    The ending is beautiful, symbolic and poetic.

    1. Simon H. says

      You think so? I found it incredibly trite, but I think it also tested my patience in terms of being expected to empathize with the problems of the ultra-rich in a way that the rest of the movie managed to avoid.

  5. Simon Howell says

    The band I was trying to namecheck midway through the news segment in answer to Rick’s question was SPC ECO, whose new EP Silver Clouds is excellent.

    I can’t believe we forgot to talk about Somewhere’s ending, which is just ludicrous and awful.

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