Classic Directors: Preston Sturges

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Unfaithfully Yours

With a distinct lack of interesting fare in this chunk of the year, we came up with the bright idea of highlighting the careers of directors never before discussed in Sound on Sight’s relatively long history. The first name to come up: Preston Sturges, who became one of the very first writers in Hollywood to gain enough clout to direct his own pictures, ultimately becoming powerful enough to run afoul of the ruthless studio system. His comedies broke new ground in tonal complexity and freewheeling transcendence of genre (as well as coy subversion of the Hays code). Justine, Derek and Simon discuss three of his best-loved movies: The Lady Eve, Sullivan’s Travels, and Unfaithfully Yours.



Broadcast – Where Youth and Laughter Go

Iron and Wine – Your Fake Name Is Good Enough For Me

Mission of Burma – Fame and Fortune

Camera Obscura – If Looks Could Kill

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