‘Rango’ and Hunter S. Thompson on Film

A while back, when some choice Sound on Sight-ers saw the trailer for Gore Verbinski’s animated debut Rango, notice was taken of the cameo by a digitized Hunter S. Thompson and his crazed early-70s sidekick, Lazlo/Dr. Gonzo. So naturally, when it came time to discuss the movie on the show, we thought it only natural to pair it with two fictionalized cinematic adaptations of Thompson’s work – 1980’s Where the Buffalo Roams and 1999’s cult hit Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Then we saw Rango and relized the films have virtually nothing in common with the crowd-pleasing Rango. Didn’t stop Justine, Derek and Simon from wrangling a podcast out of it, anyway!



Parts and Labor – Echo Chamber

Big Brother and the Holding Company – Combination of the Two

Buffalo Springfield – Expecting to Fly

Booker T and the MGs – Time Is Tight

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