Errol Morris’s ‘First Person’

While we wait around to see his new film Tabloid (which, between our recording this episode and its publication, has a new trailer – see below), we thought it appropriate to take a look at Errol Morris’s First Person, the two-season TV series Morris directed. Mike, Derek and Simon pick out three of the series’ seventeen portraits of the damaged, the brilliant and the disturbed: “The Killer Inside Me,” starring “serial killer groupie” Sandra London; “I Dismember Mama,” the tale of a man, a dream, and a frozen head; and “One in a Million Trillion,” the story of what happens when an immovable object meets Regis Philbin.




Comet Gain – The Weekend Dreams
The Exploding Hearts – Jailbird
Tom Waits – Cold Cold Ground
Nomo – Brainwave

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