Terrence Malick / The Tree of Life, pt. 2

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It’s been a couple of weeks since we first reviewed director Terrence Malick’s latest, the Palme d’Or-winning The Tree of Life, and since then it has rolled out to most decent cities, bringing with it a lively discussion about the film’s merits. We thought it would be fun to discuss it again, this time with the help of returning guest Olivier Cruerer. While we’re at it, we also get to talking about Malick’s two other post-comeback films, 1999’s The Thin Red Line and 2005’s The New World.



Guided by Voices – I am a Tree

Sleep Station – After the War

Iron and Wine – Innocent Bones

Sandro Perri – Family Tree

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  1. Peter says

    Good episode. I’ll listen to the end of The Tree of Life review once I’ve actually seen the film.

    You’re so wrong about The Thin Red Line’s soundtrack. That’s like the most moving, emotionally resonant film score of all time. The New World’s score is just James Horner recycling all his usual, generic bullshit. No-one self-plagarizes to the insane degree that he does.

    Also I’d recommend googling James Horner’s experiences working on The New World. He clearly had serious issues with Malick’s unconventional approach and seems deeply disappointed with the film. But fuck him. I hate James Horner.

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