Stanley Kubrick: A Clockwork Orange’, Paths of Glory’ and Barry Lyndon’

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(This show is long, longer than what we normally produce, but what can you do when you discuss such a talented filmmaker. I strongly suggest listening all the way to the very end, at which point we review what I think is Kubrick’s best film.)

Long, long after the folks at home started urging us to do so, we’re finally taking on the oeuvre of possibly the best-loved American director of all time, Mr. Stanley Kubrick. A Clockwork Orange turns 40 this year (!), so it was a natural choice, but we decided to go with a couple of slightly less obvious picks to accompany it: 1957’s anti-war flick Paths of Glory and 1975’s divisive three-hour period drama Barry Lyndon. Ricky, Justine and Simon are joined by special guest and general film-world veteran Bill Mesce, making this a truly epic roundtable befitting one of the most influential filmmakers ever.



Henry Purcell – A Clockwork Orange Theme Song

Bob Dylan – Masters of War

David Bowie – Suffragette city

Music by Leonard Rosenman. Composed by Handel – Barry Lyndon Theme

Show Notes:

Here is the review of Barry Lyndon by Roger Ebert which I mentioned twice on the show.

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