‘The Artist’ / ‘Senna’ / Best Films of the Year … So Far

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Yeah, yeah, we know – it’s way past the year’s halfway mark. Thanks to the timing of the film festivals we cover, though, and the general glut of great movies that tend to crop up in the Fall, we thought it best to wait a little while before letting you in on our personal top 10s of 2011 – so far, that is. We’ve also got two rapturously received new movies to talk about: Michael Havanicius’s The Artist, which premiered here in Montreal at the World Film Festival, and the no-talking-heads-allowed Formula One doc Senna.




Chromatics – “Running Up That Hill”

Ludovic Bource – “Music From The Artist”

Music from Nightfishing

Ok Go – “The Muppets Show Theme”

  1. Justine says

    You’re very welcome Phoebe

  2. Phoebe says

    I like it because it’s good. It’s on my list because it’s awesome. It’s just good.

    Thank you for those in-depth analyses, Justine.

    1. Simon Howell says

      We wanted to keep the top 10 discussions short and general, as we’ve discussed virtually all of these films on other podcast episodes or in written form. Unnecessary snark alert.

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