Sound on Sight Radio #289: Telluride 2011 – ‘Pina’ / ‘A Dangerous Method’ / ‘Into the Abyss’

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SoS host Simon Howell was lucky enough to not only get to attend this year’s Telluride Film Festival, but also to take part in the fest’s Student Symposium, which grants access to the filmmakers behind some of the fest’s high-profile gets. To talk about three of the fest’s most interesting films, as well as the fest in general, he’s joined by Telluride vets Kate Rennebohm and Olivier Creurer. The movies up for discussion: Wim Wenders’s 3D doc Pina, David Cronenberg’s wildly divisive period piece A Dangerous Method, and the latest Werner Herzog documentary, Into the Abyss



Townes van Zandt – Colorado Girl

Harry Nilsson – Save the Last Dance for Me

The Black Keys – Psychotic Girl

Pernice Brothers – Goodbye, Killer




  1. Jason K. says

    Simon, I’m one of the 49, who after listening to your defense of “A Dangerous Method,” may convert to your side. I’ve got a Freudian itch to see it again for a re-evaluation.

    1. Simon Howell says

      Now that’s a high compliment! Thanks, Jason.

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