2011 Cannes Winners ‘Polisse’ and ‘The Kid with a Bike’

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Do you know where your kids are? This week we take a look at two French-language flicks that offer up kids in peril, albeit in considerably different levels of peril. First up in Polisse, the French policier about a squad of specialized officers whose job is to protect the young and innocent of Paris. We’ll also discuss Le gamin au vélo, AKA The Kid With a Bike, the latest social-realist drama from the Dardenne brothers; both premiered at Cannes last year, and both were prize-winners, but which will win the favor of Ricky D, Justine Smith, and Simon Howell?


Music Playlist

Breakbot – “Baby I’m Yours”

L’île aux enfants – “Générique de fin”

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