‘The Hunger Games’ Vs. ‘Battle Royale’

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As you probably know by now, blockbuster season (as denoted by movies that people actually go see en masse) starts in earnest this week with the release of Gary Ross’s The Hunger Games, adapted from Suzanne Collins’s ludicrously popular book series. Ricky D, Simon Howell and Justine Smith take on the new flick, and take the opportunity to also talk up one of the most infamous cult movies of the 2000s, Japan’s Battle Royale, which shares a whole lot of conceptual tissue.


Music Playlist:

Arcade Fire – “Abraham’s Daughter”

Masamichi Amano – “Battle Royale Opening Theme”

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  2. Projection Booth says

    Battle Royale is an interesting film in that it perfectly enters the teenage psyche and the drama of being socialized in a violent society. It plays all week at Projection Booth projectionbooth.ca

  3. Shawn says

    Great show folks. I absolutely agree with you guys that the Hunger Games is a great film, and that it totally deservest he hype that it is getting. In fact it is probably my favorite film in the last 5 years, and just further convinces me that I was right to call it my most anticipated film of the year. I completely agree with almsot everything that was said, and I have to particularly agree with Rick and Justine when it comes to the level of violence and action in this film. When I was done watching it (thanks again for the tickest SOS) I was struck by the fact that even though this is a blockbuster film Ross was able to show restraint from using any over the top action set pieces in an effort to pander to the “action” croud. Deciding instead to show the simple horrors of the Games, and what could be more horrific then having a group of children hunting each other for the entertainment of the masses. Again great reviews.

    As a fan of the books I thought I could fill in a couple of holes for you guys. Just for future reference.

    1. The books are told completely from Katniss’s point of view. So all of the scenes that you see happening outside of the arena are NEVER addressed in the books. Except to be hinted at during her internal monlogue.

    2.Districts 1 and 2 have the “Careers” or better trained Tributes because of what they provide to the Capital. With District 1 providing some of the finer things in life, and District 2 providing the BULK of military might. That is also why District 2 has some of the toughest Tributes as they are training to join the military. District 11 is the main food production and 12 is the coal production, and as you said the working poor.

    3.The symbol show to Katniss before she enters the games, and then used by her when Rue dies, basically means thank you, you will be missed, or I love you.

    4. Finally, the “love triangle” though part of the next two books is FAR more of a background element then you might think given that the audience that first discovered these books was primarily young women. This is not Twilight by any stretch of the imagination.

    Once again great reviews guys.


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