2011 Cannes Winners Part 2 – ‘Footnote’ and ‘Once Upon A Time In Anatolia’

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In our second look at some of last year’s Cannes Film Festival prizewinners, Justine Smith, Julian Carrington and Simon Howell tackle Joseph Cedar’s lauded Footnote, a dark, somewhat askew comedy about duelling Talmudic scholars who also happen to be father and son (and also Israel’s Oscar submission film from 2011); then Ricky D taps Simon out so that all can sing the praises of Once Upon a Time in Anatolia, an epic-length crime saga from Turkey.



Lana Del Rey – “Born To Die”

Lana Del Rey – “Blue Jeans”

  1. Zornitsa says

    I think Anatolia is not as good as his other films…and way too long :-)

  2. Anonymous says

    Hmm, I agree with Ricky that Anatolia is way too long! I think not the best of Ceylan’s films…

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