Get your ass to Mars! (‘John Carter’ / ‘Total Recall’)

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Mars. The Red Planet. It hasn’t inspired as many memorable movies as you might assume, but it is the indirect inspiration for Wall-E director Andrew Stanton’s first live-action feature John Carter, which sort of tanked at the box office this past weekend amidst much discussion of its questionable marketing and supposedly insane budget. Ricky D, Julian Carrington and Simon Howell are here to parse the space junk, as well as dredge up Paul Verhoeven’s awesomely sleazy Total Recall, which everyone is more or less required to agree is the best Mars-set movie ever made.



Ash – “Girl From Mars”
Julia Holter – “Boy in the Moon”
The Men – “Turn It Around”


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  1. Mario in Philly says

    I was lightly entertained with John Carter, but I generally have a problem with English-speaking aliens. And also when the aliens act like Earthlings, like in the arena scene.
    I like Taylor Kitsch but he always reminds me of Tim Riggens or a stoner.

    Ricky, I too categorize my DVDs not in alphabetical order, but either by genre, director or actor. If someone wants to find one of my DVDs all they have to do is ask. I know exactly where each one is located. :-)

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