Ridley Scott (‘Prometheus’ / ‘Alien’)

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The cinematic summer of 2012 rolls on with director Ridley Scott’s first sci-fi effort in almost 30 years, Prometheus, whic has provoked fierce discussion among critics, audiences, fanboys and cinephiles as to its merits since it hit theaters this weekend. In both spoiler-free and spoiler-ful flavors, Ricky D, Julian Carrington and Simon Howell are here to dissect the remains. In between, they take a look back at 1979’s original Alien to see how the canonical sci-fi/horror chiller holds up.



El-P – “Drones Over BKLYN”
Outrageous Cherry – “New Creature”
Thee Oh Sees – “Chem-Farmer”
Hawkwind – “Spiral Galaxy 28948”

  1. Staindslaved says

    I agree that it’s a week argument, also I disagree with it the alien looks incredibly believable. The only effect that really shows its age is when the chestburster runs across the table. In his defense he did say it was a minor complaint and Ricky did call him out on it.

    I loved the three tiered opinion of Prometheus, one person loving it, one hating it and the other being very ambiguous about it. I agree Ricky visual storytelling is the best.

  2. Sasa says

    Julians argument about special effects in Alien is the most stupid thing I ever heard. The guy is terrible. It is like saying that you can’t enjoy Metropolis because the effects are dated.

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