David Cronenberg, Pt. 4 (‘Cosmopolis’ / ‘Spider’)

Our resident favorite filmmaker, Canada’s own David Cronenberg, has been busy lately. We got his Freud/Jung historical biopic A Dangerous Method less than 12 months ago, and he’s already back with the sure-to-be-divisive Cosmopolis. a very talky Don DeLillo adaptation starring Robert Pattinson as a multi-billionaire on a path of self-destruction. Ricky D and Simon Howell, flying solo like the olden days of the ‘cast, tackle the new flick, along with a personal favorite of Ricky D’s, 2002’s gloomy, cerebral Spider.


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Music for Money – “Parfum de Glace”
Primal Scream – “Blood Money”
Lifeguards – “What Am I?”

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