‘Modern Times’ and #9 ’12 Angry Men’

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With the notion of film canonization once again at issue, we thought it might be an appropriate occasion to check in on our staff’s collective opinion of the greatest films of all time. The results were, appropriately, eclectic, ranging from acknowledged cornerstones to contemporary classics. Starting today on the Sound On Sight podcast, we will begin reviewing each of the ten films that landed on our list, two at a time, for the next five weeks. Today we discuss Modern Times a 1936 comedy by Charlie Chaplin that has his iconic Little Tramp character struggling to survive in the modern, industrialized world. After which we review 12 Angry Men, a brilliant courtroom drama whose strength lies within the power of Reginald Rose’s words and Sidney Lumet’s great direction. Replacing both Julian and Simon (who are currently in full swing at TIFF), is guests Josh Spiegel (of the Mousterpiece podcast), and other SOS contributor Deepayan Sengupta.



Nat King Cole – “Smile”

Charlie Chaplin – “Nonsense Song”


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  1. Andres says

    Great podcast as usual. Just had to clarify though: Montreal had some great video stores. Boîte Noire (two locations) has a big Charlie Chaplin section with both the DVD release of MT you mention as well as the new Criterion edition on both BD and DVD. There’s actually quite a few good ones in Plateau, Hochelaga-Maisonneuve and Rosemont. West Montrealers are kind of out of luck though.

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