P.T. Anderson’s ‘The Master’ and ‘Boogie Nights’

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Paul Thomas Anderson’s much-anticipated dual character study The Master is finally upon us, having just enjoyed its proper North American premiere at TIFF. Julian, Ricky and Simon offer an epic take on the new film, along with a rewind back to the beloved 70s-porn ensemble pic Boogie Nights, as well asthe latest installment of our newest segment, Under the Radar.



Beta Band – “Squares”

Elo – “Livin Thing”


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  1. Sasa says

    I wanted to listen to a couple of old podcasts and I noticed that the stream stops after a couple of minutes.
    It happens all the time. I’m not sure, maybe there is something wrong with my connection, but I suggest you check. Just in case.
    For example I wasn’t able to listen to this one.
    I use IE9. If it is indeed my fault, I apologize,
    but I know there is nothing wrong with my laptop, because I tried to listen on my sisters laptop also and I am having the same problem (youtube works fine).

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