Sound On Sight Radio #206: Vigilante Justice

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If you believe the movies, in every city lies a pissed-off ex-military man with a tragic past, an antiquated firearm and a self-administered license to kill. That describes any number of mostly exploitative action flicks, but the grandaddy of them all might well be Michael Winner’s Death Wish, from 1974, which starred the neighbourly Charles Bronson and spawned four increasingly ridiculous sequels. This week, Michael Caine stars in a very similar capacity in the UK export Harry Brown, helped along by superstar producer Matthew Vaughn, no stranger to ultraviolence (see: Kick-Ass.) To make it a vigilantism trifecta, why not also tthrow in Sam Peckinpah’s divisive Straw Dogs, starring Dustin Hoffman as a mild-mannered mathematician who comes face to face with a British hick mob.


Shook Ones – Mobb Deep

C.R.E.A.M. – Wu Tang Clan

Death Wish Theme Song – Herbie Hancock

  1. Ricky says

    Dude everyone knows the ending to Straw Dogs. Also Death Wish 3 is AMAZING!!!!

    1. Tim says

      Watch what now Death Wish 3? I’ve seen 3 or 4 times and have always had a laugh. Especially when his girlfriends car blows up with her in it!
      I didnt know anything about Straw Dogs at all until you guys ruined it.

  2. Tim says

    Finally, you guys did Death Wish! I love that movie. I saw it about a year ago again but was on TV at 6pm which felt a bit weird especially with Jeff Goldblum spray painting that woman’s ass orange rape scene. You guys should do a Death Wish special and review the others. Rick, you’re right and the follow ups. DW 2 is on par with 1, DW 3 is still enjoyable, but 4 and 5 are pretty bad.
    Oh and thanks for telling the ending to Straw Dogs!

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