Sound On Sight Radio #207: Saturday Night Live Movies

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Let’s get one thing straight. Saturday Night Live has never been funny. At least not consistently. Chevy Chase based his comedy on falling down, John Belushi mainly yelled a lot, likely in an attempt to wake his cardiovascular system from a heroin nod, and Chris Farley was just John Belushi with an impending coronary. But thanks to nostalgia, biannual New York Times articles on the show’s fading social relevance, and brain damage caused by bong resin-clogged synapses, people seem to remember the show being hysterical 5, 10, 15 years ago. Don’t believe me? Watch Wayne’s World again. We did here at Sound on Sight, for our Saturday Night Live film special, along with this week’s much-hyped but little seen MacGruber, and forgotten Tim Meadows vehicle The Ladies Man.

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  1. teeth whitening at home says

    Surprise! You definitely covered this subject well. Are there other choices that i will have to verify out?

  2. Tim says

    I’ll always have a soft spot for Wayne’s World. Need to watch it again, though I dont think I’ll ever bother with the Ladies Man.

  3. Ricky says

    Simon… Your an idiot sometimes…
    Wayne’s World is a great comedy…
    Austin Powers is a great comedy…
    The first Shrek movie is a great family movie…

    maybe you should understand that the world doesn’t revolve around you and people don’t make movies to just please your taste…. Thank God!

  4. says

    Awesome! We did an SNL movie podcast not long ago. Great topic for discussion. Although I don’t see how someone can be “wrong” in their taste for humour. It’s so subjective.

  5. Tristan says

    Next time, you guys gotta review Stuart Saves His Family!!!

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