Sound On Sight Radio Rewind: Episode #115 – For the love of the X-Men


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X-Men First Class will finally be released as of midnight tonight, so what better time to post our previous podcast from way back, when we reviewed all X-Men related movies. Though the first cycle of Superman and Batman films were box-office successes, the comic book adaptation came of age with the 2000 release of X-Men. Provided, of course, ‘of age’ is defined loosely, since these are films that essentially portray science as being a mix of magic and laser tag, which is not something you should be watching if you’re old enough to vote and drink. In any case, the film spawned not only a plethora of other adaptations, but also two sequels and a prequel. In this episode, Sound on Sight takes a look at the three X-Men films and the release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine.


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