Sound On Sight Radio Rewind Episode 154: [REC] 2 & Midnight Madness

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This past week saw Rick and Simon head to Toronto for this year’s TIFF, and one of our major focuses there was the Midnight Madness program, a selection of films too wild and crazy to play anywhere else at the fest – and this year’s program featured some doozies. Today, we’ll be talking about Spanish horror sequel [Rec] 2, the attempted exploitation throwback Bitch Slap, a gruesomely funny Australian horror flick called The Loved Ones, and the horror-comedy Jennifer’s Body, which also saw general release this past weekend.

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  1. […] Well I am off to Toronto. Be sure to check out part 2 of my blog which will include my list of the ten best film of the year so far. Sound On Sight Radio will be returning on September 20th with our special on the fest. In the meantime feel free to listen to some of our older shows. Here is the link to our special on the Midnight Madness films from last year’s festival. […]

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