Sound On Sight Radio Rewind – Episode #163: Dogtooth

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We reviewed the critically acclaimed Dogtooth way back in 2009, but most critics only got around to watching the film in late 2010. Since their is a lot of buzz surrounding the film as of late, I decided to published our podcast again. Enjoy:

No two childhoods are exactly alike. For every youth full of Little League and orange floats, another is spent living in a shack, poking dead animals with sticks, and making hobo weapons out of scrap metal and bed springs. Tonight, Sound on Sight takes a look at a wide spectrum of cinematic childhoods, as we review the flights of fancy of Spike Jonze’s Where the Wild Things Are, the demented leg-humping sexuality of the Greek Kynodontas (aka Canine or Dogtooth), and the misery porn of Precious.

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