Sound On Sight Radio Rewind: Episode #283: ‘Bellflower’ with Special Guest, Director Evan Glodell

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One of my favorite films of the year, Bellflower, has a DVD/Blu-Ray release this week, so I thought it would be great to once again spotlight our review. The Fantasia Film Festival offered a sizeable number of promising American independent features that we discussed on this podcast. First up is Mike Cahill’s Another Earth, a Sundance prizewinner; then there’s Evan Glodell’s one-of-a-kind Bellflower, which we have paired up with a short interview with the industrious filmmaker; last but not least is The FP, a demented post-apocalyptic satire courtesy of the Trost brothers that’s just been picked up for distribution by Drafthouse Films. Trust us, folks: if you have any interest in independent film, this episode’s a big one.

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Why? – “These Few Presidents,” “Good Friday,” “Fatalist Palmistry”

Chromatics – “Running Up That Hill”


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