Walking Dead Podcast #17: “Nebraska”

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The latest episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead, “Nebraska,” picks up where the midseason finale left off, moments after Rick’s decisive gunshot. Where does the group stand now? For that matter, where do Ricky D, Kate, and Simon stand on this pivotal installment? As per usual, expect bickering, pedantry, and at least one highly questionable opinion. Yeah, we’re back.


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Bruce Springsteen – “Nebaraska”

  1. Ricky says

    LOL – thanks for the feedback .. I’ll address it on the next episode !!!

  2. matt d a says

    Rick, I disagree with you…. on like pretty much everything.

    The bar scene was the best part of the episode, but it was extremely predictable, and thus boring. It was obvious that the 2 guys who enter the bar are threats to the protagonists. We know Rick is under pressure from his wife, his best friend, and most importantly himself, to “change his attitude towards their living situation”, and he knows that he’s on the outs with Hershel after the barn incident, so he needs to do something to get back in his good favour. He can’t simply invite more people to the barn, because that would piss Hershel off even more, so he does the ONLY thing he can do, and say no to them. The fact that these are 2 men carrying guns leads to the cool shoot out, but in my opinion, it doesn’t really lead to any character development for Rick. It wasn’t a hard choice. He did what simply HAD to be done. IF it were a woman and her child who stumbled into the bar, and begged for their help, and Rick turned THEM down in a selfish act to secure his people’s good standing with Hershel, then maybe that would show that he’s beginning to lean towards Shane’s view of things, but the way it went down, in my opinion, was too predictable.

    Also, i vvvvvvvvery much disagree with your opinion that the bar scene made him a leader of any sorts. He did what he did in the bar for completely selfish reasons (Get back in good standing with Hershel for the sake of his unborn child). The best scene of the series, and the scene that solidifies Rick as the leader over anyone, ESPICALLY Shane, was the end of “Pretty Much Dead Already”. After all Shane’s big talk of what needed to be done, and all his tough guy act, when Sofia walks out of the barn, Shane was stunned, shocked, and actionless. It was Rick, who without hesitation did what truly needed to be done. Walking up to Sofia, while everyone (ALL of the main characters in the story) stand behind him in shock, and putting a bullet in her head without so much as blinking not only closed a chapter in the story, but solidifies Rick as the go to person when things need to get done.

    I don’t know why you guys find it hard to believe that Hershel’s daughter knows what bar he used to frequent in his drinking days. The chick is like 25 years old. It seems beyond reasonable that there would have been many conversations she may have over heard or participated in where her father, mother, and any number of other family or friends could have mentioned the bar. Plus, it’s a small town, and it was probably pointed out to her many times.

    What I don’t understand is why that idiot Lori even got in her car in the first place… it was literally pointless.

    On a side note, aside from Andrew Lincoln, Jon Bernthal, and Norman Reedus, the cast is boring / horrid.

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