Walking Dead Podcast #19: “18 Miles Out”

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We weren’t too taken with last week’s installment; this week, do things improve when we ditch over half of the principal cast? Find out as Ricky D, Kate Kulzick and Simon Howell butt heads once again, while wondering just how and when the ladies will get to step out of the kitchen.




  1. Ken from Chicago says

    Kate, no, you don’t understand, Rick’s ultimate line of reasoning why Shane had to stop going off half-cocked and why Rick was loathe to just summarily kill a human in cold-blood and not in immediate self-defense:

    Because we Live together; Die alone.

    Rick=Jack, Shane=Sawyer, Lori=Kate, Andrea=Juliet, Daryl=Sayid, Carol=Shannon, Carl=Walt, T-Dog=Boone, Maggie=Ana-Lucia, Hershel=Mr. Eko, The Governor=Ben

    — Ken from Chicago

    P.S. You overlooking guys are raised culturally where they can emotionally bond over a good fistfight.

    P.P.S. How was Andrea a bad person to be around? As long as you’re not limping across a field with the sun behind you, Andrea is pretty much okay to be around. Ricky’s got some splainin to do.

  2. Kate Kulzick says

    lol, re:Chicago/Triggerfinger.

    I hear where you’re coming from, Ken, but to me, Shane and Rick’s conversation at the crossroads was just more posturing from Rick and bullheadedness from Shane. Nothing Rick said there got through to Shane at all. I don’t think he was cowed even a little- he just didn’t respond. As for Rick, it was more talk. If anything got through to Shane at all, it may have been Rick’s late episode assertion that he hasn’t really come back from the run with Otis yet, and that it’s time he did. Nothing either one of them said earlier had any affect on the other.

    As for Andrea knowing about the mirror, I assumed that they had her out looking for Hershel to sew up the wound, and that she heard about it that way.

  3. Ken from Chicago says

    First, Simon, I hoped you enjoyed your trip to Chicago. We apologize for having the warming winter in 80s, when normally February in Chicago would have far more Canadian weather. As far as your trip here delaying your watching and / or reviewing “Triggerfinger” … you’re welcome.

    On to “18 Miles Out”, totally agree, opening in media res was a big mistake. The episode was strong enough not to need it. Yeah, I know some zombie fans have been chomping at the bit for MOAR ZOMBIES NOW, but for once, the ep earned the wait.

    As for the away team, Kate’s wrong. The conversation betwixt Rick and Shane WAS different. For the first time, Rick wasn’t mealy-mouthed timid in trying to explain to Shane why they have to make the moral choice. Rick was large and in charge on the crossroads (btw, epic visual). This is the way it’s gonna be–and Shane was for the first time seriously cowed by Rick. Hershel did so when he was back on the farm, but this was Rick’s first time.

    The conversation also reveals that Rick might have also shot Otis at the school to save Carl and that when it comes to his family, Rick may not be all that different from Shane (ironic in light of what I’ve heard about the comic book series).

    Now, Kate, it’s not your fault you got it wrong on this because the show has sure enough had more than few Rick / Shane shout-offs so it’s totally understandable to tune out yet another, but the nature, tone and tact that Rick took was decidedly different than before.

    That said, I agree that the home team scene were also good in finally mixing things up. The first half of the season the conversations had usually been Lori with Rick, Shane, or Glen. It was nice to see them finally shake things up by having a tet a tet between Lori and Andrea–and Andrea calling Lori out on some of her stupid statements (altho my own reaction to Lori’s statements was it was due more to weak writing than Lori, given how often the show has has a, ahem, “Lady problem” of women making dumb decisions, and stuck in 19th century gender roles). I suspect, aside from Dale, that the rest of Our Heroes would have sided with Andrea.

    Also it was nice to see Lori and Maggie were not still tensed up after Maggie threw the morning-after pills at Lori. Women all being catty at each other would have been another Lady problem, and it was nice the series has avoided that.

    I also agree the scenes of Shane gazing at the walker in the field had an evocative pastoral quality that was almost transcendent in beauty–mainly cuz you couldn’t see the rotting animated corpse up closing with ugly details.

    Btw, where the frell did Andrea go and how hear Beth smash the mirror from so far away?

    — Ken from Chicago

    P.S. Hmm, I guess we’re not going to leave the Farm before the end of the season. Le sigh. Hopefully we’ll meet the one comic book character who reportedly was quite the … cut up (sorry).

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