Walking Dead Podcast #20: “Judge, Jury and Executioner”

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“Judge, Jury, and Executioner” finally sees The Walking Dead addresses one of our long-standing reservations and axes a major character – but does it work to kick up the intensity level? We say goodbye to Dale, ponder his evolution over the course of the show, debate the fate and future of the mysterious Randall, and continue to ponder the Adult Education Center Of Doom from last week.



Roky Erickson and Okkervil River – “Please, Judge”

  1. matt da says

    … So, are we to believe that a Zombie followed the kid all the way to the farm, found a cow, started to eat it, but instead of finishing the meal, the Zombie hid in the grass and left the disemboweled cow as a trap to lure a human in? Ummm… really? Thats one smart Zombie.

    The dialog was so bad. Dale bitching out them potentially “losing their humanity” was so bad. Since the dawn of our existence humans have excelled at killing each other, and we still do today. The debate of whether or not to kill the kid IS an interesting topic… but it was handled so poorly.

    Also, this show does not have that large of a cast. Lost had a huge cast, and i loved most of the characters, and at least liked pretty much of all of them. By comparison, TWD has a small cast, and i sadly hate pretty much all of them.

    If this show got cancelled i wouldn’t care in the slightest.

  2. Kate Kulzick says

    Oh, Mario. You know us so well. :) The thing with The Walking Dead is that we wouldn’t be nearly as critical as we are if we didn’t know they could be doing better.

    I usually come from the standpoint that a series hitting the basics (good production, interesting design, solid acting, engaging characters) is the bare minimum. Series that don’t come from at least that strong of a foundation usually aren’t worth my time, so I don’t praise these elements. They should be a given. Then it’s about concept, structure, execution, and any number of other pieces of the puzzle. The discussion comes from how well a series/episode approaches and handles each of these particular aspects.

    The trouble with The Walking Dead recently is that they keep highlighting their flaws- Dale had some great moments this week, as I think we all said on the podcast, but that only threw his less stellar ones into sharper relief. The PtB at the series have shown themselves capable of great, interesting, thoughtful moments, but these moments haven’t come together cohesively in a while. We want them to do better, we think they can, and we hope they do! Otherwise, we *wouldn’t* be talking about it. (At least, that’s where I’m at- let me know, Simon and Ricky, if you disagree!)

    Criticism doesn’t equate to hatred. There are shows/episodes I do hate. To hear what it sounds like when I hate a show, listen to the review Simon and I did of the Touch pilot for the Televerse a while back. If it helps, I promise to stop reviewing The Walking Dead, should I ever come to hate it.

    That being said, I get that it’s not fun to listen to people dissect a show you like. Tell me how I’m wrong! Change my mind! I’d love to get into a discussion about it with someone who’s coming from a different place on the recent episodes. Feel free to tweet me @theteleverse- I promise I don’t bite!

    And finally, no, Mario, it isn’t Downton, lol. It won’t be Downton until Merle comes back as an amnesiac Canadian. With both of his hands.

  3. Mario in Philly says

    Actually, I was wondering why you were still doing the podcast too. Do you only rip to shreds the ones you love? :-)
    You don’t like the lead character(s), the female lead, the direction of the story… this is all ok but it’s like putting a spotlight on something that bothers you. But I guess it’s not Downton Abbey, right? 8-)

  4. Kate Kulzick says

    lol. So Nick, I take it you have a different take than any of us did this week. What did you think about the episode? And Chris, if we hated the show, we wouldn’t do a Walking Dead podcast. I think- it hasn’t come up yet. But that’s why I don’t do, for example, a Criminal Minds podcast. What gives you the impression that we hate it?

  5. Nick Carmicle says

    Maybe you guys should not talk.

  6. Ricky says

    I actually like the show but like to poke fun at it. Mostly I just want it to get better. Still a pretty solid series despite a few problems.

  7. Chris says

    Why do you guys continue to do a Walking Dead podcast when you guys hate the show?

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