Sound on Sight Walking Dead Podcast #22: “Beside the Dying Fire”

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With the barn in ashes and Hershel’s practically-nameless relatives gone, the second season of The Walking Dead lurches to a close. Longtime listeners will know that we weren’t necessarily all that taken with the first-season finale, “TS-19.” How did “Beside the Dying Fire” fare in comparison? Spoiler alert: a lot better. We discuss Michonne, Rick’s change or lack thereof, and try to figure out just what’s going on in the mind of Lori.

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  1. Mario in Philly says

    Nice podcast! Don’t ever be not negative! Just keep doing what you do.
    I don’t think there is much we can do about the actor playing Carl unless he grows up a lot between seasons. The period of time that has passed since the beginning of season one isn’t much more than a month, correct? (And maybe just a couple weeks on the farm?) The producers should listen to your solution, which is to just give him less to do.
    And I like Andrew Lincoln too. His character walks the line of sensitivity and having to be strong. He seems as if he will be leaning stronger going forward.
    So, I know nothing about the new, hooded character Michonne (played by Danai Gurira) except from what I read, which is that she is a Fan Favorite. Looking forward to that!
    Thanks again for the podcast. It definitely adds perspective to my viewing experience! :)

  2. Gomez says

    Another great episode guys. Don’t listen to the negative feedback, who would want to listen to a podcast praise everything and the series bad moments. Can’t wait to hear you guys next season and the Game of Thrones podcast.

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