Walking Dead Podcast #25: ‘Walk With Me’

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The Governor has finally arrived, along with his creepy walled-in hideaway, the town of Woodbury. Do he and his cronies live up to the hype? Ricky, Kate and Simon tackle the first-ever Rick Grimes-free episode.



Spoon – “Take a Walk”

  1. Steve says

    This episode and this season bring to mind similarities to a number of Romero’s movies, besides Land of the Dead. The prison refuge is like a much darker variation of the shopping mall from Dawn of the Dead. The walled town reminds me of the walled city in Land of the Dead. In that film it was the 1% that were allowed to stay in the wall and the commercialized tower. In TWD the governor gives permission on who can come inside and who lives or who he murders on the outside.

  2. Ricky says

    Hey Lori

    Simon nor Kate have read the book. All we do is speculate.
    Also I addressed at the start of the show that I refused to comment on the book. I never spoil anything and either way, I haven’t read that far in.

    Thank you!

  3. Lori C says

    Hello All, I wish I could “like” your discussion, but early in the podcast, you begin talking about a “baby farm.” This seems to be a reference to the comic books and not a conjecture. If it is a “spoiler”, please place spoilers in their proper place – at the end of the podcast, or signify that you are about to spoil the TV show. There are more people who do not read the comic than do and we do not want our TV show ruined.

    1. Kate Kulzick says

      Hey Lori-

      Thanks for listening! Like Ricky said, I haven’t read any of the comics, so I have no clue if a baby farm is in the offing- just guessing, based on some of the standards/tropes of the genre. I hope we didn’t scare you away from the podcast!


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