Walking Dead Podcast, #15: Inspirations: 28 Days Later

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While we wait patiently for The Walking Dead to return to AMC with the back half of its second season, we’ll be taking a look at some of the previous zombie works that have influenced the series in one significant way or another. This week: Danny Boyle’s not-quite-a-zombie-flick epidemic chiller 28 Days Later, with special guest Shawn Keown from Zero Pretension. In addition, we’ll also be talking about the recent unveiling of Frank Darabont’s original – and ultimately rejected – plan for the Season 2 premiere.


  1. SadPsycho says

    Hey! I wanna know the name of the song at the end of the podcast! You’re not allowed to tempt me with awesome music and not give me the re-sources the search for it D:

    1. Simon Howell says

      It’s “AM 180” by Grandaddy.

  2. Mario in Philly says

    Regarding whether the creators of Walking Dead should have added the back-storyline, nicely put, Simon! I would love to know the origin of the outbreak, I think about it often, but it most likely would interrupt the emotional focus of the characters and the flow that the show has established. Seems it would take the show in another direction. It will drive me crazy not to know but I’ll walk along with Rick, Shane and the others to see where they’ll go.

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