Sound On Sight’s Annual Fundraising Event for TIFF. Support Us and get something in return


Once every year, Sound On Sight sets up a fundraiser effort to help our crew get to the Toronto International Film Festival. It is the one, and only time we ever ask our readers and listeners for support. TIFF marks a highlight for us every year and many of our contributors drive in, and even fly in, from around the world to meet up. It is one of the very few times many of us actually have the chance to hang out in real life. Additionally it helps us give you the best coverage of the world’s largest film festival. Last year, Sound On Sight published 75 reviews, over 100 articles and recorded three podcasts centred around the event. We look to double our coverage this year with long time contributor John McEntee flying in from the UK and leading film critic Josh Spiegel coming in from Phoenix Arizona. In addition Ty Landis and Tom Stoup from the Almost Arthouse podcast will be driving in from the states and we hope to once again invite TV Editor, and host of The Televerse, Game of Thrones and Walking Dead podcasts, Kate Kulzick.

Our funding goal is between $1,000 – $2,000, and will be used for travel expenses, accommodations and tickets to both films and festival events.

The Sound On Sight staff works very hard each and every week. We provide 10 podcasts free of charge and we’d like to keep it that way. We believe reaching out once a year is more than acceptable and we hope our reader and listeners will value our hard work and consider donating. Plus, we do offer something in exchange:

Our Mission:

We are looking to provide the best coverage possible of the Toronto International Film Festival, in order to give our readers an in-depth look at the year’s best and most important films. More importantly we would like to be able to bring our non-Canadian contributors down to Toronto.

Our coverage would be three-fold: before the festival begins, news updates will track lineup and guest announcements. During the festival, episodes of our popular podcast will be recorded, covering the films at the festival, along with written reviews. These will be published throughout the festival run.

Project Rewards:

Pledge $20 – $50

Anyone willing to donate 50$ or less will receive a very special shout-out on our popular podcast and have the choice to program one film for us to review on our show.

Pledge $100 or more

Anyone willing to donate $100 or more will get a horizontal banner ad on as well as a month-long ad mention on the podcast for your small business or cause of choice.

Pledge $200 or more

Anyone willing to donate $200 or more will be invited to co-host either one of our popular podcasts (Sound On Sight, Sordid Cinema, Mousterpiece Cinema, Almost Arthouse). You will also have the choice of selecting one film to review, and/or promote your small business or cause of choice.


Donations can be sent using the paypal button below. Thank you for your continued support. We should be updating this page with our progress in the upcoming months.

The Sound On Sight Staff


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