Sound On Sight Radio #161 – Antichrist (Spoiler Edition)

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Perhaps, in the early 1980s, while still in film school, Danish director Lars von Trier saw one of the US’ highest grossing feel-good comedies, like Risky Business or Mr. Mom. And then decided to make exact opposite of that film for the rest of his life. If such a thing did happen, he’s kept his promise, churning out movies that are best accompanied by a barbiturate overdose while Gloomy Sunday plays on a phonograph. His latest project, Antichrist, is no exception. It tells the story of a couple who, after losing their son, travel to a secluded cabin, where the wife deals with her grief and guilt by masturbating in front of Satanic Bambi extras and mutilating her husband’s crotch. Tonight, Sound and Sight takes a look at von Trier’s controversial new film, as well as 1984’s The Element of Crime, the director’s debut feature.

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  1. Duncan says

    I enjoyed your Antichrist review. The “Chaos Reigns” fox was one of my favourite scenes from the film. I thought it was chilling and don’t understand why it was mocked at Cannes. I also liked the crow that just wouldn’t frigging die. As a father of a young toddler, the opening scene really hit a nerve with me and the whole film kept me rather tense. I managed to see Antichrist at the Sheffield Showroom, which isn’t a large screen but has a crisp, steady projection and immersive sound. Pretty strange experience overall.

    1. Anonymous says

      Thanks for the feedback. I feel like I should like this film more considering I am such a fan of the director and of the horror genre. What is wrong with me?

  2. Ricky says

    working now!

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