Sound On Sight Podcast 508: Ash vs. Evil Dead and ‘Spectre’


After a brief hiatus the Sound On Sight podcast is back, with a slightly new format that reflects the wider variety of subject matter to be found here on PopOptiq. This week in our first segment, “What’s in the Box?”, we are joined by one of our resident TV critics, Chris Evangelista, to offer our take on the new Starz series Ash vs Evil Dead. Twenty-two years after Army of Darkness, Bruce Campbell resumes his role as the chainsaw-wielding Ash from Sam Raimi’s cult favorite Evil Dead films, and we discuss how this new show fits with those, both in tone and (if even possible) canon. For our main segment it’s back to movies with a review of Spectre, the 24th entry (or 26th, depending on how you count) in the long-running James Bond series. Our guest, former host and Bond aficionado Edgar Chaput, tries to convince Patrick and Ricky D of the film’s many merits. Enjoy!



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00:00: Spectre clip
01:00: Intro
04:00: Ash Vs. Evil Dead clip
06:00: What’s in the box? Ash Vs. Evil Dead review
28:00: Deep Purple – “Space Hunting”
30:00: Spectre trailer
31:00: Spectre review
80:00: Spectre clip
81:00: Shirley Bassey – “Goldfinger”

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