Sound On Sight Podcast 510: ‘Arrow’/’The Flash’ Crossovers and ‘Star Wars’


It’s not easy maintaining a series, no matter the format. We kick off this week’s show with a discussion of the latest trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, explaining what we liked (not much), and what we didn’t like (pretty much everything). PopOptiq writer Randy Dankievitch (also of TV Overmind) stops in to talk with Ricky and Patrick about that, and in our second segment, “What’s in the Box?”, we recap the crossover episodes from CW’s Arrow and The Flash, which set up the new Legends of Tomorrow series. Rick and Randy detail what DC has done right with television, and which show has quickly sped by the other in terms of entertainment. After that, with Star Wars Month in full swing here at PopOptiq, Patrick is joined for the main segment by newcomer Dan Bransfield of to talk about what makes Episode IV: A New Hope such a special entry in the franchise, as well as relive old nightmares brought on by trash compactors. Enjoy!


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00:00: Star Wars clip
01:00: Intro
02:00: Batman V Superman discussion
18:00: The Flash clip
19:00: What’s in the Box? The Flash vs Arrow
41:00: Queen – “Flash'”
42:00: Star Wars: A New Hope clip
44:00: Star Wars: A New Hope review
90:00: Star Wars: A New Hope clip
91:00: Catina Band Song

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