Could This ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’ Infographic Be the Biggest One Ever?

Star Wars

Star Wars

The internet’s ability to collect and collate data, particularly data on all things nerdy, is one of the most impressive, and at times scary, aspects of the World Wide Web. Practically every film an TV series has a dedicated and highly detailed wiki (heck, there’s a Cabin in the Woods one and that was ONE MOVIE) and even earlier than that, dedicated Star Trek fans were creating and sharing insanely detailed schematics for every permutation of the starship Enterprise. And one of the most visible manifestations of this phenomenon has been the mighty infographic, a high-res image which collects an insane amount of data on a show, movie or what have you, and presents it as an easy to process image. There’s infographics for just about everything, with various levels of detail, and a brand new one has just hit the web for Star Wars: A New Hope. Which aspect of the film does it cover, you mask ask? Well…..all of it. The whole thing. Top to bottom. Every line of dialogue, every bit of blocking, every ship or weapon model number…’s the whole film, reduced to an overhead view with colored dots representing the characters.

A part of me can’t help but find this over-kill. I mean, at this point you might as well just watch the movie with some kind of pop-up overlay pointing out every detail since charted by the Star Wars fandom. But while a part of me can’t help but ask ‘why’, a yet greater part of me can’t help but be utterly gobsmacked by the amount of work that must have gone into this thing. Just imagining the effort that creator Martin Pinchaud is awe-inspiring.

Unfortunately, embedding the entire infographic would probably reduce Popoptiq’s servers to a smoldering heap, so you’ll have to follow the link and see ‘SWANH’ here. Oh, and before you ask, yes. In the infographic, Han shoots first. Because THAT’S WHAT HAPPENED.

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