Statue of Liberty Tribute (in films)

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Top 5 scenes where the statue of liberty gets demolished

1-Deep Impact – (Thanks to a comet that strikes the Atlantic, a mega tsunami rocks New York City, taking Her Liberty–ness (and her again-severed head) with it.)

2-planet of the apes (Charlton Heston escapes his primate captors only to discover Lady Liberty as proof that he’s been on Earth all along. Evidently, all the undocumented foreigners awaiting processing failed to tip him off.)

3-Ghostbusters 2 (Threat to Liberty: Crowning, brain damage Though Dr. Venkman and co. actually make “Libby” a hero, having your headspace invaded by four proton-packed parapsychologists covered in ghost jizz can’t be good for mental health. Then again, adding Bill Murray to the voices in our head could be pretty awesome.)

4- X-men (Final battle scene between the X-men and Magneto’s crew)

5- Cloverfield ( Liberty`s head gets a hail mary pass from the unknown monster deep down the city blocks)

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