Sundance ’15: Watch the trailer for ‘H.’, a modern spin on Greek Tragedy


Premiering at this year’s Sundance Film Festival as part of their NEXT series of programming is H., a film already nominated for an Independent Spirit Award ahead of its release at the festival. Directors Rania Attieh and Daniel Garcia were nominated at the Indie Spirits as Directors to Watch for their story about two women dealing with unexpected events following a meteor crash in their hometown of Troy, NY.

The Playlist had the exclusive launch of the trailer Friday morning along with the film’s synopsis, described as a surreal, modern take on Greek tragedy:

In Troy, New York, two women, both named Helen, carry on seemingly complacent existences with their respective partners. Middle-aged Helen lives with husband Roy and finds comfort from a “reborn” baby doll. Meanwhile, successful young artist Helen is expecting a child with her noncommittal partner. Foreboding signs begin to appear: a meteor reportedly crashes nearby; people go missing; and inexplicable, life-altering changes spiral the Helens’ inert realities into a terrifying journey through unknown terrain.

H. premieres at Sundance on January 25. Watch the trailer below:

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