Sundance ’15: Watch the trailer for ‘The Hunting Ground’, Kirby Dick’s sexual assault documentary on campus

The Hunting Ground

2014 got people all around the country talking about sexual assault and rape against women in a meaningful way, creating a national conversation regarding the abhorrent practices of shaming rape victims and how men treat and address women in this country for the first real time. One of the hotspots for sexual assault continues to be American college campuses. An infamous story by Rolling Stone brought to light many of these scary trends, and though the article proved to be grossly inaccurate, the reality of rape on campus continues to be a serious issue.

With that, The Hunting Ground may yet be the most important documentary of Sundance 2015, if not the year. Directed by Oscar nominee Kirby Dick, The Hunting Ground follows female students who describe their stories of institutional cover-ups by universities after accounts of harassment, assault and other trauma.

Dick last turned his lens on sexual assault in the military with the documentary The Invisible War, an immensely powerful story that found men and women who not only had their stories buried by their commanding officers but who then could not receive the medical attention they needed for their physical and mental injuries due to flaws and injustices with our Veterans Affairs.

The Hunting Ground premieres at Sundance later this week and will get a theatrical release on March 20. Watch the trailer below:

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