Sundance 2012: Special event: Hit RECord at the Movies with Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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HITRECORD.ORG is a project started by JGL back in 2005 which has evolved into a professional open collaborative production company in which they create and develop art and media collaboratively on the site. It is a place where individuals gather to collect work on projects together: Videos, writing, photography, music etc. In an interview with the LA Time blog, Levitt went on to describe the site as follows:

“ It’s my production company that I started, but it’s a little different from a traditional production company. I didn’t want to work just in Hollywood, I wanted to work with these great artists all over the world who are doing great work on their laptops. They don’t live in Hollywood, they don’t have those connections, but that doesn’t mean they don’t do great work. The idea was to put these projects up online on our website,, and anybody can come and contribute to them. We call it an open collaborative production company. I direct things and curate things and we end up making short films, music, and art and writing”.

While Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been busy on several projects including the upcoming Dark Knight Rises and Rian Johnson’s Looper, he’s made time for to head out to Sundance, taking his project with him. Here’s the info for anyone lucky enough to be in Park City next month.

Be a part of the process by joining Joseph Gordon-Levitt and the global hitRECord community for a special one-time-only interactive exploration of the power of making things together. Gordon-Levitt will showcase works that have been created from the collaborative hitRECord production company and invite the audience to engage, interact and contribute to the event using their digital devices. The event will be recorded, with footage posted on their website for all to enjoy and be inspired by. hitRECord, which launched with an installation in the New Frontier section of the 2010 Sundance Film Festival, returns to the Festival to showcase the project’s evolution and potential for creative experimentation.

What will be screening at Sundance 2012!

Throughout the next six weeks, There are various collaborative projects to focus on.  Here are three quick ways you can get involved:

Get tickets to the screening here!

Via JGL’s Tumblr page

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