Sundance 2014: Photoset

Sundance 2014-1
Actor/Director Richard Ayoade on his film “The Double” with John Slattery and director Maya Forbes (“Infinitely Polar Bear”) at Sundance’s Cinema Cafe to discuss adaptations

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Sundance 2014-3
Actor John Slattery (Roger Sterling on “Mad Men”) talks about his first directorial effort “God’s Pocket”
Sundance 2014-5
Journalist Evan Ratliff (CEO, Atavist), Chet Kanojia (CEO, Aereo), Bob Moczydlowsky (head of music, Twitter), and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (HITRECORD ON TV) discuss the new frontier of creative collaboration driven by social media.
Sundance 2014-6
Director Maya Forbes at the premiere of “Infinitely Polar Bear” with her cast: Zoe Saldana, Mark Ruffalo, Ashley Aufderheide and Imogene Wolodarsky

Sundance 2014-7

Sundance 2014-8

Sundance 2014-9
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Sundance 2014-10
Director Justin Simien and the cast of his film “Dear White People”
Sundance 2014-11
Present “Dear White People” cast included Brandon P Bell, Malcolm Barrett, Teyonah Parris, and Justin Dobies

Ten unacquired Sundance 2014 films we hope to see someday.

Sundance 2014-12
Main Street during the festival, early risers queue up for an event at the Filmmaker Lodge
Sundance 2014-14
William H. Macy takes a picture before participating in “TimesTalks with The New York Times”
Sundance 2014-15
William H. Macy (first time director with “Rudderless”) and Mark Duplass (at Sundance 2014 with “The One I Love”) discuss failure and taking chances

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Sundance 2014-22
Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal of the new movie “Frank”

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Sundance 2014-17

Sundance 2014-18Sundance 2014-20Sundance 2014-21
Sundance 2014-23

Sundance 2014-25
Actor Steve Coogan at the premiere of “The Trip to Italy” at the Eccles Theater
Sundance 2014-26
Director Michael Winterbottom with Coogan and Rob Brydon
Sundance 2014-27
Actors Aaron Paul and Josh Wiggins after a showing of “Hellion” at the Eccles theater

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Sundance 2014-28

Sundance 2014-30
Kat Candler, director of “Hellion”

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