Sundance London 2012: preview – shivering with anticipation!


The 26th-29th April sees the Sundance London Film and Music festival hit the O2 Arena, which sees the festival – renowned for its programme of independent film – take place in the UK for the first time in its 34-year history.

As a Sundance newbie, I am excited to attend the indie festival.  I’ve always heard so many great things about it, especially as a lot of great films initially got noticed at previous Sundance fests (Napoleon Dynamite, Clerks, Reservoir Dogs).

Looking at the line-up, I expect the cream of the crop of forthcoming independent releases.

Here are the following that I’m keeping my eye on during the festival:

For Ellen

The third feature film from In Between Days and Treeless Mountain writer and director So Yong Kim, and her first film with an American cast – a great cast ensemble, I need to add. Starring Little Miss Sunshine‘s Paul Dano and Napoleon Dynamite‘s Jon Heder, For Ellen follows Dano’s rock star wannabe, who is on the brink of a divorce.  However, when he realises that he is about to give up custody rights for his young daughter Ellen, he arranges to visit her for a second chance at fatherhood.

Liberal Arts

How I Met Your Mother
Josh Radnor’s follow-up film to 2010’s dramedy happythankyoumoreplease sees him as Jesse, a 35-year-old Kenyon College alumnus returning to his old university for a retirement dinner, and strikes up a relationship with 19-year-old classical music fan Zibby (rising star Elizabeth Olsen).  The film co-stars High School Musical‘s Zac Efron and the brilliant Allison Janney.


Nobody Walks

Winner of a Special Jury Prize at Sundance in January, Nobody Walks is the fourth film from independent filmmaker Ry Russo-Young.  The film tells the story of young New York artist Martine (Juno‘s Olivia Thirlby) and the romantic and emotional impact she has when she stays with a liberal family in Los Angeles.  The film co-stars The Office’sJohn Krasinski and Rachel’s Getting Married‘s Rosemarie DeWitt.



As a fan of crime drama The Wire, I am excited about this Baltimore-based drama starring Dennis Haybert, Danny Glover and Grammy award winning musician Common.  LUV follows a a day in the life of 11-year-old Woody Watson, a shy boy from Baltimore and his idol, ex-con uncle Vincent (Common), as what was a fresh start takes a dramatic and harrowing turn.


2 Days in New York

Following the acclaimed 2 Days in Paris, writer, director and actress Julie Delpy sets the sequel in Manhattan with comedian Chris Rock as Marion’s (Delpy) boyfriend.  A culture and racial clash soon enfolds when Marion’s sister and father (played by Delpy’s real-life father, Albert Delpy) come to visit.


The House I Live In

Winner of the Documentary Grand Jury prize at Sundance in January, The House I Live In follows America’s War on Drugs through the viewpoints and storied from those affected.  The film also highlights on the social problems and racial inequalities within the US.

I hope to catch these films next week – I look forward to popping my Sundance cherry :)

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