SyFy’s ’12 Monkeys’ TV series gets new trailer and premiere date


The cult science fiction time travel film, 12 Monkeys directed by Terry Gilliam, has been adapted into a television series by SyFy channel with the pilot written by Terry Matalas and Travis Fickett, under showrunner Natalie Chaidez, and directed by Jeffrey Reiner. The new series stars Aaron Stanford as Cole, a time traveler from a post apocalyptic future that has been ravaged by a deadly epidemic that decimated 93.6% of the human population. Cole is sent back in time to prevent this future. The series also features Amanda Schull as Dr. Cassandra Railly, Kirk Acevedo as Ramses, Noah Bean as Aaron Marker, Emily Hampshire as Jennifer Goines, Zeljko Ivanek as Leland Frost and Barbara Sukowa as Jones.

The new extended trailer has been released and the series is set to premiere on Friday, January 16, 2015 at 9pm on SyFy.

Watch the new trailer below:

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