The Woman in Green

‘The Woman in Green,’ a classic Sherlock Holmes film

The Woman in Green begins with a mystery that Scotland Yard cannot solve. Several women have turned up murdered around London, all with a finger severed off. Stumped by who the killer could be, Inspector Gregson (Matthew Boulton) calls on Sherlock Holmes (Basil Rathbone) and Dr. Watson (Nigel Bruce) to solve the case. Holmes and Watson soon discover that the deaths are far more than the work of a lone serial killer, but part of a diabolical plot involving hypnotism and the ever evil, Professor Moriarty (Henry Daniell).

‘That Night In Rio,’ Hollywood, Romance, and Carmen Miranda

Romance and harmless conflict run amuck in Irving Cummings’s That Night In Rio. The film follows American entertainer, Larry Martin (Don Ameche), as he impersonates his doppelganger, Baron Manuel Duarte. Once Manuel’s wife, Baroness Cecilia Duarte (Alice Faye) discovers the impersonation, she begins to want her husband to be as loving as the one portrayed by Larry. That Night In Rio also features several song and dance numbers from Carmen Miranda, at the time deemed “The Brazilian Bombshell.”

Brief Encounter

‘Brief Encounter,’ a housewife’s inner thoughts

David Lean’s Brief Encounter is on the surface a tale about unrequited love, much like many other romantic films past and present (from Casablanca to My Best Friend’s Wedding). What differentiates it from the others is the film’s foray into Laura’s thoughts.

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