30 Rock

Tracy's Back!

Saturday Night Live, Ep. 41.03, “Tracy Morgan/Demi Lovato”

All Tracy Morgan had to do was stand up on stage and crack a few jokes. No had any right to expect Morgan to reach the kind of lunatic heights he did in his prime. But to watch Morgan come on SNL tonight, trot out all of his old staples from the show, and absolutely slay is one of the warmest, uplifting moments to air in the history of TV.

Best TV of 2013

Best TV Episodes of 2013, Part One: January – March

2013 was an incredible year for standout episodes – even, in some cases, for series that didn’t necessarily have a great year overall. Prompted by this wealth of televised riches, TV editor Kate Kulzick, Televerse cohost Simon Howell, general editor Ricky D, and managing editor for TV Randy Dankievitch brainstormed and compiled their personal favorites, with only those deemed worthy by a majority making the cut. The resulting list of survivors (organized by airdate) is a wonderfully diverse picture of the medium at work in 2013, in 15-to-60 minute chunks.

Last Lunch

Greatest Series Finales: 30 Rock Ep 7.13 “Last Lunch” mixes well-earned character beats with lots of laughs

In its prime, 30 Rock was the best sitcom on television. It was whip-smart, expertly paced, and packed with wall-to-wall jokes. It was a satire of show-business and politics, an absurdist workplace comedy, and the story of how one of the all-time great mentor-mentee relationships managed to better both people involved. The show managed to comment on its genre, on its medium, on politics, gender dynamics, and the nature of celebrity with a facile ease and a tongue planted firmly in its cheek.

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