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    Superman Doomed might leave you a bit disappointed

    Superman Doomed, a DC Comics One-Shot that will be continued in Action Comics #31, has all the ingredients of a great comic. Cosmically powerful monster bent on destroying the earth? Check. A Man of Steel who is wrestling with the consequences of the choices he may have to make to defeat said monster? Check. Cameo appearances by other members of the Justice League? Check. Artwork that conveys the epic scope expected of a comic featuring Superman and Doomsday? Check. All of the ingredients are there. Somehow, though, it doesn’t quite come together. More

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    The Eight Best DC Villains Month Comics

    In a controversial move, DC decided to forego publishing its regular line of books and put out 52 one-shot stories featuring some of its best villains. The one-shots range from extremely popular (Joker, Lex Luthor, Brainiac) to the newer and more obscure (Relic, Shadow Thief). They feature some veteran creators and some who have barely […] More

  • Action Comics #18

    Action Comics #18 has just enough room for Morrison’s mind to unfurl

    Action Comics #18 Writer: Grant Morrison Pencillers: Rags Morales & Brad Walker Colorist: Brad Anderson Letterer: Carlos M. Mangual Cover: Anderson & Morales Publisher: DC Comics Grant Morrison’s head is brimming and bursting with ideas, so it’s only fitting that his pages follow suit. A vast swelling of content and a multitude of loose ends […] More