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    ‘Birthright’ #7: family hijinks and sorcery

    The ongoing turmoil within the Rhodes families continues in Birthright #7. For the uninitiated, Birthright follows Mickey, a young boy whisked off to the fantastic realm of Terrenos, who arrives back on Earth a grown man while his home has only been missing him for a year. Things are not all they seem as Mickey claims to have slain the cruel ruler of Terrenos, the God King Lore, but in actually seems to be a puppet in the conquest of the human world. Breaking out of his confines, Mickey has taken his (technically) older brother in a mission to slay the four Terrenian wizards with the power to stop him whom are secretly living on Earth. More

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    ‘Birthright’ Volume One is a new askew adventure

    Fresh from the mind of Joshua Williamson, Birthright is an interesting new series from Image. The concept is quite simple: a young boy by the name of Mikey vanishes seemingly into thin air, causing havoc on his family from his absence to the point of breaking, that is until a year later when a stranger arrives, straight out of a fantasy paperback and sporting an arsenal that would make Conan jealous, claiming to be Mikey grown up. And yes, it’s actually Mikey. It turns out; he was the champion of a far off realm called Terrenos fated to liberate the land from the monstrous God King Lore. However, what he leaves out is how Mikey himself is under the control of Lore himself with a mission to make Earth his next conquest. More

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    Red Sonja #5 Explores Its Heroine’s Strengths and Weaknesses

    Red Sonja #5 Written by Gail Simone Art by Walter Geovani Colors by Adriano Lucas Published by Dynamite In her first story on Red Sonja, Gail Simone has revitalized this sword swinging, scantily clad warrior woman for a new generation of fans. She immediately put Red Sonja through the wringer by letting Sonja’s old friend in the […] More