‘Abyss Odyssey’ is a dream for the action-adventure dungeon crawler

The creators of the surprise hit indie game series, Zeno Clash, ACE Team, return with an ambitious, but entirely different, adventure in Abyss Odyssey. This combat heavy indie title blends so many genres and in doing so creates a game perfect for anyone who’s a completionist at heart.

‘Journey’: Sometimes short trips are the best

Sometimes fantastic experiences can come from quick adventures. This is Journey in a nut shell. With a name like Journey you would expect the game to last an inordinate amount of time, but Journey isn’t concerned about artificially lengthening gameplay. It is more concerned with telling a simple story that will leave most players extremely satisfied with their brief playthough. Often times described as the definition of an art game, thatgamecompany has created a universal story that will hit everyone differently.

‘Never Alone’ brings folklore into the new millennium

Never Alone (Kisima Inŋitchuŋa), a game created in collaboration with the Iñupiaq, a Native American tribe in Alaska, is a rare example of a video game consciously bridging cultures together. Based on Iñupiaq folklore, Never Alone weaves the tale of a young girl named Nuna, an accomplished hunter, and an arctic fox, a spiritual medium, as they journey through the arctic tundra in order to discover the source of a series of devastating blizzards.

‘Guacamelee!’ is ludicrous metroidvania fun

One of the greatest things about the indie marketplace is how it has opened up the gaming medium in every direction imaginable. Take Guacamelee! for example: developer Drinkbox Studios wouldn’t have had a luchadore’s chance in hell of getting published 10 years ago. With the advent of this new digital frontier however, a side-scrolling adventure game about a Mexican wrestler is now a totally marketable product.

‘Uncharted 2: Among Thieves’ reaches the highest peak of adventure

There’s a moment in the first Uncharted that signposts exactly where the series is heading. It involves a fast-flowing river, a large gap, and a truck parked next to a red barrel. With a well-placed shot, Nathan Drake – the Indiana Jones-inspired hero of the franchise – blows the powder keg, sending the vehicle high into the air and tumbling down to the river below, where it (conveniently) forms a bridge across the gap. “Bingo,” Nate quips, hopping onto the upside-down truck and crossing to the other side. “Excuse me. Pardon me.”

‘Okami’, the novel of games

Okami is one of the most beautiful games to watch come to life on screen. Some might find the computer generated voices and large amounts of reading off putting. However, as someone who has practically grown up inside a book, Okami is simply an animated novel that I am able to interact with.

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